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Vision, Mission, Objective


To create a society where all minority groups feel a deep sense of belonging and pride in their country, and where diversity and inclusion are celebrated as essential components of a strong and united nation.


The Foundation is committed to promoting patriotism and national pride among minority groups and providing support to empower individuals and communities.

Our mission is to:
  • 01Promote a sense of belonging and inclusion: We strive to create a society where all minority communities feel valued and included, and where their contributions to the nation are recognized and celebrated.
  • 02Foster a sense of national pride: We promote a sense of national pride among minority groups by highlighting their shared history, culture, and contributions to the nation, and by encouraging active participation in civic life.
  • 03Promote understanding and respect: We promote understanding and respect for the diverse cultures, traditions, and beliefs of minority groups.
  • 04Support minority communities: We provide support to minority communities by offering programs and services that address their unique needs and challenges, and by empowering them to be active and engaged citizens.
  • 05Collaborate with other organizations: We collaborate with other organizations and individuals who share our vision and mission, and work together to promote patriotism and


  • Provide a common platform for all minorities.
  • Foster the spirit of communal harmony in India.
  • Advocate for policies and legislation that promote equality and justice for minority communities and work to eliminate discrimination and bias in all aspects of society.
  • Promote a sense of national pride and patriotism among members of minority communities by celebrating Indian values and traditions, and emphasizing the importance of civic responsibility and engagement.
  • Build partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders to leverage resources and expertise, and to work together to promote patriotic values and goals among minority communities.
Ladakh Peace Resolution: Historic Moment for Global Peace as Community Leaders from 7 Countries Gather at MIMC

In a historic moment for global peace, the community leaders, Buddhist monks from 7 countries and Shri Jamyang Tsering Namgyal ji, MP-Ladakh gathered with Sanghasena to pass the Ladakh Peace resolution at MIMC. The peace fraternity also deliberated on brotherhood, compassion, and integrity for mankind.

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Interfaith Peace Walk: Fostering Global Unity and Harmony at the 9/11 Memorial

The NID Foundation and Indian Minorities Foundation organized an interfaith peace walk at the 9/11 Memorial, preceded by a meeting at the New York City Mayor's office.

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United for Harmony: Promoting Communal Harmony and Interfaith Unity for Global Peace

The "United for Harmony" event hosted by the Indian Minorities Foundation in Philadelphia symbolized the significance of communal harmony as a key pillar for world peace.

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Shaping a New World Tech-Order: India-USA Partnership for Global Sustainability

Paving the way for synergistic collaboration between the two nations and further strengthening the partnership, the India-USA Partnership conference in Silicon Valley showcased the potential of technology in reshaping the world for sustainability.

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Minority communities denounce attempts by Western media and agencies to malign India’s image

An interfaith delegation of the Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) censured the attempts to misrepresent the facts and the bias shown by the Western agencies towards India, concerning religious freedom in the country.

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IMF convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu announces establishment of Center for Buddhist Studies at CU campus

The Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) celebrated Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Jayanti, on May 5 and held prayers for world peace at Ashoka Buddha Vihar in Khuda Ali Sher, Chandigarh, with great reverence, devotion, and respect to lord Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

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Indian Minorities Foundation launched Australia Chapter for religious harmony

For thousands of years, the mantra of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and equal respect for all faiths has been an integral part of India's ethos. PM Narendra Modi's vision of One World, One Family, One Future is carrying this forward. NID Foundation & Indian Minorities Foundation launched #Australia Chapter for religious harmony, peaceful coexistence & world peace

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Minorities Foundation launched with a Mission to ensure their Participation towards realizing the Vision of Developed India

Religious & Spiritual Leaders of different minorities condemn the vested interests to malign the image of India during the launch of Indian Minorities Foundation

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Indian Minorities Foundation

We are going to launch an Indian Minorities Foundation today. This foundation will raise its voice against those who present wrong narratives against minorities. This is a non-govt, non-political foundation:

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UCC is for uniformity of justice, not rituals and customs: Arif Mohammad Khan

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said the Uniform civil code is not there to “dictate customs, rituals, and practices to different communities; it’s about uniformity of justice, especially for women in case of a dispute.”

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Sufi Islamic Board Participates in All India Minority Conclave held in Chandigarh.

An All India Minority Conclave was organised by the Chancellor of Chandigarh University, Satnam Singh Sindhu and Processor Himani Sood who are Founders of NIDF in Chandigarh on 21st February 2023 at Mahatma Gandhi State Institutes of Public Administration.

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Leaders of various Muslim organisations praise Modi's government for the welfare of Minorities

Muslim community rejected malicious propaganda against Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a conclave. NID Foundation on Wednesday organised a conclave named 'All India Minority Conclave - Role of Minorities in Amrit Kaal' where several leaders of different Muslim organisations praised PM Modi and the Saffron government for the initiative taken for the welfare of minorities.

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Role of minorities in ‘Amrit Kaal’ discussed

Taking forward the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “One Nation One Family” initiative, the first-of-its-kind All-India Minority Conclave-2023 is orgnized on the campus of Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration, Sector 26

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Leaders of Christian bodies praise PM Modi for minority welfare initiatives

Leaders of various Christian organisations praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government for taking several steps for the welfare of minorities. At the "All India Minority Conclave - Role of Minorities in Amrit Kaal" event organized, MD Thomas, Founder-Director of the Institute of Harmony and Peace Studies in New Delhi said, "The All India Minority Conclave held today is a new initiative. I think Amrit Kaal will actually be relevant in this direction..."

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